About Us

BentoPhotos is a new type of stock photography website that brings you original royalty-free content from selected authors.

BentoPhotos is not a traditional stock photography website: we do not have billions of images to fit everybody’s needs and we don’t bulk upload indiscriminately thousands of images. We share with you only the best images of our photographic portfolio, together with the emotions and the stories behind each shot.

Why Bento?

A Bento is a meal to-go that is commonly prepared in Japan, which may includes all sort of food delicacies, impressively arranged to satisfy not only metabolic but also aesthetic appetites. It differs from other kind of takeout or home packed meal for the particular care that is placed to the aesthetic arrangement of its components.

BentoPhotos strives to offer you the best images and stories, crafted for you with the same love that a Japanese homemaker invests on a carefully prepared Bento lunch box.

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